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Business Formation and Compliance

While forming a corporation or limited liability company is a relatively straightforward administrative task, the choice made by business owners as to the proper entity form (or whether to form a legal entity at all) is an important and potentially complex one.

The Pritchett Law Firm enables its clients to wisely decide what is in the best interest of their companies, by taking into consideration all the legal and financial ramifications of their decisions. The decision regarding the best or most appropriate entity structure for a particular business is an important one.

Every day in the business world millions of contracts are drafted, reviewed and negotiated by parties. These contracts may appear reasonable when initially read by a non-lawyer. However, when reviewed by experienced counsel these contracts often reveal significant areas that can be improved by advanced contractual negotiations and modifications. We at The Pritchett Law Firm provide our clients with experienced contractual drafting, draft review and modification and contractual term negotiations. Our contractual services save our clients, time, energy and money, in addition to protecting their long-term interests – because “an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure.”